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For teens who are looking for a safe space to leave their stinking thinking behind

Teenagers experience routine stressors in their daily lives. Over the past year, there has been an increase in depression, anxiety, isolation, low self-esteem, and impairment in academics and relationships. For some, there have been limitations in social-interaction, decline in motivation, conflict in family relationships, and significant differences in adapting to change.


Teen Coping with Anxiety Group Will Help Your Teen…

  • Increase their capacity for self-expression and emotional awareness through common peer interests; music, art, and games
  • Gain valuable and positive feedback from peers who will hold them accountable and help them achieve goals, usually at a faster pace than individual therapy alone
  • Learn teen tested, evidenced based skills that will help your teen manage moods, emotions, relationships, and virtual learning techniques to prevent acting on impulses

Allow your teen to feel cool, calm, collected, and confident again!

Teen Coping with Anxiety Group Application

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