At Exceptional Wellness, you are a name, not just a time slot. Our goal is for you to find the “right” therapist who will guide you on the path to reaching your goals. We believe in working at YOUR pace, being genuine, empathetic and supportive. As we know “not one size fits all”. Therefore we use techniques from multiple approaches to best serve you.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Evidenced based psychotherapy utilized to treat Anxiety and Depression. It assists the client in seeing the connection between thoughts, feelings and behaviors. It helps the client to take control of their situation and learn strategies to reduce their stress.

Strengths-Based Therapy
Focuses on what is going right in a person’s life. It looks at past and present successes in order to help the client deal with their current situation.

Play Therapy
Through the use of sand-tray, drama therapy, puppets, psychodrama and art, all ages find these creative and non-threatening alternatives to talk therapy very useful.

Mindfulness-Based Therapy
An approach that helps the person focus on the “here & now”. The client is asked to pay attention to their thoughts, feelings and physical state in a nonjudgmental manner.