Group Counseling

One of the biggest issues we hear is how alone people feel. Group counseling & therapy is a wonderful way to decrease isolation and to gain support. Exceptional Wellness Counseling is running the following groups:

Social Skills Group (grades 2nd-5th)

If your child is struggling to make connections with peers, needs help building confidence in social settings, or has difficulty communicating thoughts and feelings with others, this group can help. This group focuses on:

  • Helping your child to understand how behavior impacts others
  • Learning how to start conversations and practicing active listening
  • Improving problem solving skills
  • Building self esteem and self worth

Tuesdays 6pm in Manalapan

Middle School Self Care Group (ages 11-13)

If your child is often negative, expresses disliking themself, often compares themself to others, or you’ve noticed an overall low self esteem, this group may be a good fit. This group focuses on:

  • Defining Self-Esteem
  • Learning about and creating positive affirmations
  • Creating tools to aid in self care
  • Identifying individual’s strengths

Tuesdays 4:30 in Shrewsbury

Teen Support Groups (Teens Currently Attending High School)

The Manalapan support group meets Thursdays at 5pm and the Shrewsbury support groups meets Wednesdays at 5pm

If your teen struggles with dealing with stress and anxiety related to school, friends, family etc., wants a space to relate to their peers, or learn more coping skills and communication skills, then this group may be a great fit! This group will focus on:

  • Improving your ability to cope with everyday stressors
  • Creating healthy and positive peer connections
  • Gaining knowledge of how to use effective coping skills
  • Having additional support to individual counseling
  • Continuation of care after completing an Intensive Outpatient Program

Men’s Processing Group (Ages 30-65)

If you are having difficulty coping with various life stressors and feel a lack of support, this group may be a good fit. This group focuses on:

  • Coping with anxiety and depression
  • Learning communication skills to navigate relationships and parenting
  • Processing and finding support with life changes

Mondays 8pm in Shrewsbury

Parenting Support Group (Parents of all ages)

If you are having difficulty coping with and/or navigating parenthood, this group may be a good fit. This group focuses on:

  • Understanding adolescence
  • Learning communication skills to effectively set boundaries
  • Building resilience and self esteem

Tuesdays 7:15pm in Manalapan

Women’s Self-Compassion and Resiliency Support Group (Ages 18+)

This group aims to create a safe and empowering space for women to build a supportive community, encourage self-expression, explore supportive connections and healthy relationships, foster a sense of safety and acceptance, and build resilience. Group members will explore the ways in which they can:

  • Increase resiliency and self-compassion
  • Explore the areas that may impact members’ ability to engage (i.e: morals, values, relationships, body image, communication styles, etc.)
  • Build connections with others who have similar experiences,
  • Develop coping skills for resilience and learn about the body’s natural responses to life experiences. 

Location and time TBD