Group Counseling

One of the biggest issues we hear is how alone people feel. Group counseling & therapy is a wonderful way to decrease isolation and to gain support. Exceptional Wellness Counseling is running the following groups:

Social Skills Group (grades 2nd-5th)

If your child is struggling to make connections with peers, needs help building confidence in social settings, or has difficulty communicating thoughts and feelings with others, this group can help. This group focuses on:

  • Helping your child to understand how behavior impacts others
  • Learning how to start conversations and practicing active listening
  • Improving problem solving skills
  • Building self esteem and self worth

Social Skills Group (ages 11-13)

If your child has difficulty making or keeping friends, acting appropriately in social situations, with stress, frustration or anxiety, having an accurate perception of how others perceive them, this group will focus on:

  • Picking up on social cues, tone of voice, body language
  • Initiating and joining in conversations
  • Learning how to deal with challenging social situations

Teen Coping With Anxiety Group (Teens Currently Attending High School)

If your teen struggles with building and maintaining socially distanced relationships, has been isolating, or making impulsive decisions, this group will focus on:

  • Helping your teen to master appropriate communication skills and improve relationships
  • Developing effective coping skills to manage emotions
  • Adjusting to virtual/hybrid learning
  • Planning for the future

Teen Pride- LGBTQIA+ Group (Teens Currently Attending High School)

If you feel alone, rejected, or alienated, this group will focus on creating a safe space to help:

  • Develop a strong sense of pride
  • Communicate effectively and help to build and maintain friendships
  • Learn effective ways to lessen stress, anxiety, and depression while managing stigma

Coping With Stress (For Adults 18+)

A weekly in-person group for individuals who struggle to cope with stress, anxiety, and low self-esteem. This group will help with:

  • Developing effective coping skills to manage stress, anxiety, and other difficult emotions
  • Mastering effective communication skills and improving relationships
  • Creating fulfilling and meaningful plans for the future
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