Adoption is a lifelong process that can be complicated by genealogical bewilderment and grief. Adoptees may struggle with feelings of anxiety, abandonment, and confusion that continues and changes throughout their lifespan. Some individuals adopted from foster care may struggle due to instability or with transitioning into a new family. Transracial and international adopted individuals can face racism and or feel ashamed of their country of origin, and those adopted through foster care may struggle due to instability, transitioning into a new family, confusion related to their longing for their biological family, and embarrassment about their genesis. Most adoptees, no matter where they came from often struggle with feelings of otherness and identity confusion. 

Our therapists can help adoptees: 

  • Process and normalize grief and loss associated with adoption. 
  • Develop strategies to deal with feelings of anger or depression. 
  • Make decisions about whether to, or not to, connect with your biological family. 
  • Cope with reconnections with biological family and reactions from adoptive family members. 
  • Deal with feelings and questions about the biological family. 
  • Learn how to talk to your parents about adoption. 
  • Gain an understanding of complicated identity issues that impact adoptees across the lifespan. 

You are  not in this alone, please contact us so we can help you navigate this process together.