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For kids looking to learn ways to feel comfortable in social situations, make new friends, and form deeper relationships.

Middle School can be a challenging and scary time for many kids. The emphasis on feeling accepted and forming safe and healthy relationships becomes even more important than it’s ever been, and the pressure to “be liked” and to “fit in” can lead to increased stress and anxiety. Many kids who struggle socially, also struggle with low self-esteem, identity, and their academics. This group will provide a safe space for kids to share about these struggles and learn ways to feel better about themselves while practicing essential social skills.

The Social Skills Group Will Help Your Child…

  • Learn strategies to make and sustain new friendships
  • Work on active listening and understanding nonverbal cues
  • Set social goals such as making new friends, joining clubs or sports teams, and feeling more assertive in class
  • Build self-esteem and self-worth to feel more comfortable and confident in social situations

Social Skills Group Application