George Corradino

George is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) who has been working in the mental health field for nearly 20 years. He received his Master of Arts Degree in Psychological Counseling and his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology both from Monmouth University. Throughout George’s time in the mental health field, he has worked with a wide variety of populations including kids, adolescents, adults, and families along with a wide range of diagnoses.

He spent the early years of his training working with in-patient populations and conducting neuropsychological evaluations as a psychometrician in an out-patient setting. While completing his graduate training he also provided cognitive remediation for a variety of brain conditions ranging from concussions to strokes. He uses this specialized training in his work with clients who may struggle with neurocognitive disorders such as ADHD and Spectrum disorders.

In therapy George is eclectic in his approach and strives to match his therapeutic approach with the needs of the person. Typically, he uses strategies derived from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Person-Centered Therapy, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction/Biofeedback, Motivational Interviewing, Social Learning Theory, and others. George works with children as young as 8 through adulthood. Populations he treats range from clients experiencing temporary but difficult life adjustments to neuro-divergent and chronic conditions that may impact several areas of life for many years. He specializes in treating individuals with anxiety conditions, adjustment disorders, depression, and ADHD. George likes to focus attention in therapy on his client’s strengths and developing a sense of
purpose through engagement in relationships, work, and hobbies. Personally he spends his free-time with friends and family, especially his wife and 2 sons. He enjoys a wide range of hobbies including travel, sports, fishing, juggling, magic, cooking, photography, 3-D printing,
and a few others.

Move towards discomfort and away from danger. “There is no growth in comfort and no comfort in growth”

And don’t forget what fear really means –