Samantha Kacsur

Samantha is a Licensed Social Worker (LSW). She began her journey in 2016 after obtaining a Bachelor’s in Psychology and later pursued a Masters of Social Work in 2021. She has been actively working in the counseling field since 2015 in both clinical and non-clinical support roles while receiving her education. Samantha began her career supporting individuals struggling with substance use disorders in a variety of treatment settings. She has since been working with teens struggling with their mental health in both PHP/IOP and outpatient psychotherapeutic settings.

Samantha utilizes an eclectic variety of interventions including Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectic Behavioral Therapy and Solution Focused Therapies.

Samantha treats children as young as 11 years old, primarily teens 13-18, young/college-aged adults and older adults. She works with substance use disorders, suicidality and self harm behaviors, bipolar disorder, life transitions, LGBTQ+, anxiety and depressive disorders. Samantha is passionate about working with teenagers struggling with school avoidance, mental health concerns and substance use disorders as she has a deepened understanding of how difficult it can be to be a teenager in today’s age.

One thing in her life she has learned is that life can be short, so Samantha always make the most of every day! She is passionate about trying new experiences and doing things that put her outside of her comfort zone. She is also a fitness enthusiast and believes movement is critical to our healing processes!

Recovery and healing begins from the darkest moment. Be gentle with yourself

Supervised by Stephanie Surget, MSW, LCSW