Teen Support Group (Teens currently attending high school)

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The Manalapan support group meets Thursdays at 5pm and the Shrewsbury support groups meets Wednesdays at 5pm.

Teenagers experience routine stressors in their daily lives. Some teenagers find themselves having a hard time dealing with stress and anxiety related to school, friends, family, etc and may need or want a space to relate to their peers and learn about mental health-related topics. Teens will have the space to learn coping skills to better deal with their feelings while also improving their communication skills!


This Teen Support Group Will Help Your Teen…

  • Improve their ability to cope with everyday stressors

  • Create healthy and positive peer connections

  • Gain knowledge of how to use effective coping skills

  • Have additional support to individual counseling

  • Have continuation of care after completing an Intensive Outpatient Program

Allow your teen to feel cool, calm, collected, and confident again!

Teen Support Group Application