Creating Family Fun

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

If I asked you to picture yourself and your family members walking in the snow, as the picture shows, who would you envision? Would it be the present time, with you, your significant other, pets, children? Would it be when you were younger, with your grandparents? How about looking into the future?    

When was the last time that you spent time with family and actually enjoyed it?

What activities can help create fun times with your family?

Here are some ideas to do just that:

  1. Have a family movie night.                                                                Everybody gets to pick a snack and beverage to share with one another.


Let your imagination get away from you. Pretend that you are at the movie theater, on the comfy reclining chair. Wear pajamas, have a cozy blanket, and have assigned seating. Make it fun and take pictures to remember the fun!

  1. Step away from the world — no social media, no technology.

Take a scenic ride with the family and notice the nature surrounding you. Get out and take a walk. Maybe even pack a picnic lunch.

Use scenery to play a game. Ask each family member to use their 5 senses and notice 5 things they see, 4 things they can touch, 3 things they can hear, 2 things they can smell, and one thing they can taste.

  1. Have a good laugh

Watch a funny movie or video. Challenge your family to a funny joke or riddle contest. When we laugh, we give off different chemicals in our body and smiling promotes positivity. How about playing pictionary or charades together? What will cause laughter for you and your loved ones? Cooking a meal together?

Photo by Kampus Production from Pexels
  1. Try something new

Encourage one another to step out of your comfort zone. When I was younger, I thoroughly enjoyed ice skating but have not participated in that activity for several years. This might be something to consider doing with my family. What would you want to do with friends or family?

Do you notice there is a shift in the family dynamic?



Try some of the suggestions above or reach out to our caring staff at Exceptional Wellness Counseling. Our trained professionals can help you find the peace and wholeness you crave within your family unit.


Erica Marriaga is a proud fur-mama of her one-eyed rescue dog, Toby, and puppy, Tucker. She loves to spend time with her husband and bond with her family, nieces, and nephews. Erica is passionate and enthusiastic about her role as a therapist. 

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