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Creating Family Fun

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels If I asked you to picture yourself and your family members walking in the snow, as the picture shows, who would you envision? Would it be the present time, with you, your significant other, pets, children? Would it be when you were younger, with your grandparents? How about looking into…
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Time-Management Tips

| By Erica Marriaga, MSW, LCSW Photo by Pixabay from Pexels   Do you ever wish you could make up for lost time to finish that project or read that book that has been sitting on your nightstand for the longest time? Catch up on sleep? Or maybe you long for a busy schedule if…
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Tween & Teen Support Group for Youth & Parents

The tween/teen group will utilize discussion and creative problem solving to help: 1. Explore their sense of self, identity and image. 2. Build and maintain friendships by being assertive and setting appropriate boundaries. 3. Recognize triggers, deal with conflict and respond rather than react in times of stress. 4. Improve family dynamics by increasing communication…
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