Keeping Structure in the Summer

| By Rebecca Shack, MS, LPC, NCC

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Summer is full of countless possibilities, especially for children waiting patiently for the school year to come to a close. While summer is about fun, it can also lead to difficulties in autumn when routine returns. Of course, we do not want to stop children from relaxing and enjoying their free time, but there are some ways to maintain structure so the transition back to school is not so tough. 

How To Maintain Structure For Your Children During School Holidays:

Keep an adjusted schedule for your children during summer vacation

Children and teens thrive when they have a routine. Summer is the perfect time to keep a looser schedule. Allow your children to have fun and participate in spontaneous activities, but also keep a general structure. This could involve keeping the same bedtime routine or mealtimes. 

Be involved in activities with your children during summer

Keeping your kids involved in activities over the summer is a great way to keep that structure going into the school year. This can include sports, day trips, and time spent with friends. They will be able to have fun but look ahead to planned out events!

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Set goals for your family time and include your kids!

What is something your child wants to achieve this summer? Is it learning a new instrument? Do they want to make progress in their chosen sport? Summer is the perfect time to work on skills and accomplish goals. 

Get outside with your family and enjoy the nice weather

Being outside is great for mental health in general, but it can be an amazing opportunity for kids and teens to ditch the technology for a bit. Once your child finds an outdoor activity they enjoy doing, they will likely incorporate it into their daily routine!

But remember…it’s important to give your children freedom in the summer as well. This is their time to explore the world, socialize, and learn about themselves!


If you find your child or teen struggling with maintaining a routine in the summer and feel it could impact their school year, don’t hesitate to reach out to a mental health professional. Therapists can help your family work on goal setting and structure, so your kids can have a fun summer and seamless transition into the new school year!

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