May Mental Health Awareness Events

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As May marks the beginning of mental health awareness month, we are offering 4 free workshops/events for the community. Please read the following descriptions and use the form below to register and select the event(s) you will be attending. For all events, please arrive at least 5 minutes early and have a seat in the waiting room. Space is limited! Prior registration is required to attend.

SoulCollage® for Self-Care- FULL

Date: Thursday 5/11 6:30pm-8:30pm
219 Taylors Mills Road, Manalapan NJ 07726
For ages 18 and over

Like a garden, all the aspects of self that make up our souls need tending. Join us for time and space for you to tend your natural goodness, to cultivate and water the seeds of that which nourishes your life.  In this workshop you will be given a short overview of SoulCollage® and it’s many uses. You will be guided through a meditation to get in tune with your intuition. Then, you will create a beautiful SoulCollage® card. We will break out into small groups to utilize the “I am one who” method of dialoguing with our cards to see what blossoms!

Facilitated by Nicole Jennings, MS LPC

Mandala Mindfulness Meditation

Date: Thursday 5/18 7:15pm-8:15pm
219 Taylors Mills Road, Manalapan NJ 07726
For all ages (adult must attend with youth if under 18)

This 1 hour event for teens of any age will incorporate art and meditation allowing participants to relax and learn more about meditating and being mindful. Using mandalas, a symbol of unity and wholeness, participants can focus on creating art and increasing awareness of their feelings. Participants will be guided through a meditation exercise as they complete their mandala. Participants will choose a mandala coloring sheet and will be provided with markers and colored pencils.

Facilitated by Amanda Levitt, MS LAC

Intention Setting with Guided Meditation Sound Bath

Date: Wednesday 5/17 5:15pm-6:30pm
219 Taylors Mills Road, Manalapan NJ 07726
For ages 18 and older

It is time to put the “self” back in self-care.  Come join us to celebrate and honor Mental Health Awareness Month starting May 1st, 2023 by engaging in a guided meditation and healing sound bath to promote setting new, healthy intentions and to promote relaxation. To start, we will begin by gathering and focusing on intention setting, preparing us to wipe the slate clean and set mindful, healthy intentions going forward.   The guided meditation and sound bath is an attempt to help you rest and recharge your batteries, aiming for a complete reboot to your body, mind and emotional health. This activity requires you to come in, get comfortable in your seated position, close your eyes and enjoy the mindful journey of letting go of what was, and manifesting what is to come.  

(Please come with an open mind and an open heart. Tea and cookies to be served post meditation).


Facilitated by Jane Dustman, MSW LCSW

Parenting Workshop on Executive Function Support

Date: Thursday 5/25 12:30pm-1:30pm
179 Avenue at the Commons Suite 204, Shrewsbury NJ 07702
For parents of any age

ADHD, Autism, Trauma, and Learning Differences (Parenting Workshop): What is Executive Function? How does it relate to your child’s diagnosis?

Executive Function refers to the set of skills that aid in one’s ability to plan ahead, meet goals, and stay focused on tasks. None of us are born with executive functioning skills, but we are given the capacity to gain these skills throughout the lifespan. In other words, they are born with the potential to develop them, and functioning can sometimes be disrupted. Some children need extra support to develop these skills. Topics will include:

  • What is executive functioning?
  • What are the major executive functions and how can they impact other behaviors?
  • Ways to support your child’s executive functioning and development.
  • How do executive functioning skills impact your child’s behavior?
  • Questions to ask yourself to decipher your child’s level of executive functioning skills.
  • Resources and parenting tools.

Facilitated by Allison Rosa, MA LAC