Peace, Serenity and the Pursuit of Yoga

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What does Yoga have going for it?


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Why yoga?

September is National Yoga Month. The purpose of highlighting this is to inspire a healthy lifestyle and promote the benefits of yoga. This truly does not mean a person is required to practice bends, twist and turn and stretch to absorb what can be positive and meaningful in yoga. What it does mean is that perhaps some of what is taught in yoga practice could be applicable when striving toward general well-being. Read on for further explanation.

The benefits of yoga

There are many resources one can find supporting the connection between practicing yoga and wellness. This article captures 13 very compelling benefits. A few have been pulled to pique your interest.

  1. It has been proven to decrease stress

There are scientifically proven studies purporting that the practice of yoga releases the stress hormone cortisol. Read on to learn more.

  1. It can reduce symptoms of anxiety

Perhaps the focus on being present and finding peace helps support the lowering in anxious thoughts?

  1. It can improve quality of life

Maybe the practice elevates one’s mood?

  1. It may fight depression

This one goes back to the release of cortisol, cortisol may influence levels of serotonin which is often associated with depression.

  1. Yoga could improve the quality of your sleep

Studies have shown that people practicing yoga fall asleep faster, sleep longer and feel better rested in the morning.

If this list sounds good to you, you are not alone and very well onto something.  A practice like yoga can truly change a person’s habits, attitudes, lifestyles and mood in meaningful ways.


How do I try yoga out?

If you type “free yoga” or “yoga from home/work/anywhere” or “beginner yoga” into a search engine, you will pull lots and lots of results. The amount of content you will come across is astounding and speaks to the benefits and value so many people are leveraging.

Click here for a free 30 day yoga challenge to explore. This is one I, personally, recommend.

There are so many filters and options to choose from, the possibilities are endless.  


Yoga is not for me! Can I benefit from yoga without practicing?

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Some of the teachings of yoga focus on being present, developing discipline and self-control, building concentration, and creating balance between mind and body. The challenge for someone who finds those concepts appealing yet is not interested in practicing yoga is to pick and choose.

Yes, that is right and what I mean by picking and choosing is that practicing yoga does not mean you need leggings and a yoga mat and a class full of people. What it can mean, is that you set aside time to focus on your breath, that you choose a time to build your physical and mental strength. Maybe, you are going to choose quiet, maybe the sounds of chants and words of sanskrit take you outside of your comfort zone and maybe that is just what you need.

Whether it is National Yoga Month or not, I invite you to delve into what it is about yoga that you might find appealing or maybe what it is that really turns you off. I invite you to explore that further. We are living through times of great anxiety and stress. Having something in life that allows us to focus on balance, being centered, and tapping into our inner strength is an essential tool. Maybe the teachings of yoga are a window into understanding how to navigate ourselves during times of uncertainty.

If you are interested in exploring further various ways to manage stress, please reach out. If you want to learn more about tools that can help you, a licensed therapist or counselor can support you with your goals.


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